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Dear readers and visitors to this site:

we are very glad to inform you that from the 2011th begins execution therapeutic healing sessions with Tesla Health-Metamorphosis (or healing with Tesla waves or Tesla-healing) via certified practitioners.



How we can help - we will help.
Sometimes a lot, sometimes just a little.
But you must be aware that the effectiveness of any healing depends on you, of known and unknown causes.
Children are the real masters of this - provided you have not yet received a "wise" advice environment-they are no blockages and no consolidated and developed a belief system - and she accepted without hesitation, with open hearts and healing can happen quickly (even if the she does not know when conducting Tesla-healing, and it is usually best when children are asleep).

It must also be said that these healing treatments are not a substitute for regular and necessary health care.

But, Tesla-Metamorphosis Healing, at a distance, you can really help!
With the requirement of openness and acceptance, and it would be good and without any doubt.


attracted great interest among scientists because customers reported cure many diseases that are valid for the incurable, such as cancer, AIDS, lupus, spinal-cord injury, chronic fatigue syndrome, even healing congenital deformities. In addition, healing is happening very quickly.

Tesla Health-Metamorphosis tends to bring the frequency of light in the human body in perfect balance. Any disease (whether it manifests on the physical plane, mental, emotional...) is the result of a balance disorder of the universal life force within the body, which is visible as the frequency of the light. Then when you re-establish the optimum frequency of light, healing occurs - at all levels.


- Primary
- Where and to whom?
- Where else?
- How?
- Practitioner


BASIC you should appreciate in healing Tesla Metamorphosis at distance
( or Tesla-distance healing, or healing with Tesla-waves in the distance ):

- An adult can ask for healing for yourself

- For someone else may also be asked healing, but only with the consent of the person

- For younger children, parents give permission

- You can not ask for healing the relationship - situation of another person

- A person should request a healing situation - relationship to another person : exclusive, and only then, if these two people associated this relationship, and it is then possible for the highest good of both parties.

Effect of energy Tesla-waves is such that it actually happens what is the best and most useful, that moment, with all the participants of healing.

Also do not be disappointed if there is not expected to speed healing.
Energy that they got to you, they do continue to quietly and gradually.
Sometimes : situations, relationships, health situation visibly improve and strengthen even after more than two months.
Often it seems that this improvement occurred by itself, but be sure that it is a consequence of energy.
And be sure that the method, way, time - exactly how it all happened - just best for you.



performed at a certain distance between a person and a therapist.
If Tesla-healing at a distance, not even matter where a person is on Earth.
No matter the distance - the results are as they should be for a particular person, and it may be only a small to large improvements, as well as to healing. From the current effect to the results that come more slowly.

It often happens beneficiaries of treatment - on - healing distance to feel in his own way.
It could be various physical and other senses, you can even fall asleep or the next day to have
irresistible, and increased the time constant need for sleep, you can sweat - even later at night,
you need to get going to the toilet ( you do and if it is unavoidable because the healing is not interrupted
even then ) - though the best lying down, relaxing location, and without any expectation of a response,
and if something " happens " to be able to better observe if you are relaxed.
But sometimes it does not have any particular feeling, do not be disappointed because each healing session is different.
So even though you might not feel anything in particular, be sure that the flow of energy there must be,
that this energy certainly do what you need at that moment ( although it can be emotional, mental, spiritual level... and only then " done deal " to descend on the physical level ).
And the results and effects become evident : sooner or later, slower, weaker or stronger -
and for this there is really a lot of reasons - in you.
But it happens that a person on a conscious level they want healing, and subconsciously blocking it...
In such cases, it is impossible to conduct healing.


WHERE AND WHO CAN HELP HEALING remotely with Tesla Metamorphosis?

- For health problems

- As energy aid in situations where major efforts are not in their energy level (Sports, stress, increased activity, convalescents, loss of loved ones,...)

- When you can not reach or get to a therapist

- When the therapist can not even invite them

- For a quick recovery and improvement after surgery

- Chronic fatigue

- Preparation before surgery

- When a person is on the way and where not to go for help

- In people who are not mobile

- A person who for some reason need currently raising and increasing energy

- In people who are involved in sports, which are somewhere (possibly far) in competitions where they need to be constantly in top shape, possible to experience injury, loss of energy, concentration, something acute or exacerbated chronic...

- And a lot of different states...


To reiterate :

Besides being in Tesla Metamorphosis health the most important part of the assistance : assistance to people affected health and individual healing ( and it is happening at all our levels and not necessarily the order in which we think it is most needed, most urgent, the most logical... ) - there is also the possibility that Tesla Metamorphosis works and heals many a situation, and relationships associated with a particular person and situation around them.

TESLA METAMORPHOSIS - except for individual healing - heal a variety of situations and relationships :

- Our relationship with children
- Certain situations with a person or more
- Our situation, relationship with friends
- The situation in the family
- The situation, the relationship to work, collective work
- Our financial situation
- Our attitude towards money
- And more...

So that can heal and situations and relationships that are very important segments of our lives.
From bad relationships and situations we often arise and health problems, and which are sometimes unaware
and sometimes not.
Recurring situations, habits : at work, financial, family, situations and relationships with children, friends...
And certainly there is not a man who does not have at least one, for him, a bad habit that these people sometimes conscious, sometimes not see that these repetitive things - embedded or acquired patterns and habits - damage.

And another nice application of healing Tesla Metamorphosis distance and healing animals, your pets.
And not only : you can help your plant you adore,
or save possessed some tree...


How is healing at a distance:

1. In the principle: not important diagnosis, or distance - anywhere on internationally.Since personal data is enough to name.
And all this to us again and again magnificent proof: that we are all One.

2. A minimum of three treatments, so if you see that good things can happen, and successful developments, if necessary, the desired functionality can be extended with treatments.

3. For each person, in that half hour, how long treatment, it would be good that is in a comfortable, supine position and that be relax.Not should expect some bodily sensations, but if something happened, people will surely register.

4. Improvements may be the same class, but sometimes need and wait for some time, but mostly what is most important to occur more quickly, and improve the notice and after that, even for a short or a long time after tretmana. In fact, as long as it takes to get to that person achieve what is in that given moment the best for her.

5. It happened that a person had in the course of treatment eg go WC.Terapija takes place and then. But if something really does not need, and can be done later, more useful to people to be calm and relaxed by the end of therapy sessions.

6. Any doctor can not guarantee a cure, so it applies here. Healing depends on how the person is open to healing, how positive thinking, how he wants health... and then within all this happens the best thing that can happen. Sometimes these are minor improvements, sometimes stronger shifts, sometimes healing.......


As has been said, is a certified practitioner and Mirjana Matiša.

Mirjana Matiša - Education:

First of education, activities and training are:
- Professor of mathematics and descriptive geometry
- Writer - a member of the Croatian Association of Writers for Children and Youth
- Visual artist - a member of the Company's Croatian Naive Artists
- President of "Little Universe"
of which, as well as the M.M. -
You can read on

There are also those same pages in English.

Then (just part):

- ABC Radiesthesia course, in Sections radiesthesy "Stanko Jurdana"
- Theta Healing DNA2 Basic Course by Vianna-and Founder of ThetaHealing, by Goran Karna
- Psychological Kinesiology Basic Workshop (PSYCH-K)
with Chris Walton (Master of psychology performance from London and the first certified PSYCH-K
instructors in Europe to 2004th method led to the UK)
- Workshop "The Art of muscle testing"
- Workshop Advanced Psychological Kinesiology, with Cris Walton
- Workshop Desire of your heart, and by Sonia-Choquette, head Sanja Plavljanić-Širola.
- Organetic - seminar A
- Workshop: Quantum-Touch, by Richard Gordon (founder of Quantum-Touch, Inc.)., With Jelena Korenčić
- Regression in past lives ("time-laping" regression technique) by Bryan Jamieson (San Diego, CA, USA)
with Dr. Jan Eric Sigdella (Switzerland)
- Cosmic Mission Mayan and Mayan sinkronar in HUPED, with Ana Maric
- "Successful Life" with Ivan Bavčević
- Reiki 1, with Tomislav Budak
- "New knowledge: TECHNOLOGY AWARENESS - Grigore P. GRABOVOI" with Svetlana Smirnova
(licensed assistant professor of New knowledge, physician, neurologist - a longtime associate immediate
Grigorij Grabovoi)
- Tesla-Metamorphosis I: TESLA METAMORPHOSIS OF HEALTH, with Anja Petrovic,
Tesla-Metamorfosis founder and internationally recognized healer, Sidney, Australia.
- Tesla-Metamorphosis II: TESLA DISTANCE HEALING, with Anja Petrovic
- Tesla-Metamorphosis III: Tesla Light Body Metamorphosis, with Anja Petrovic
- MATRIX transformation, with Anthonia Werner -
- TRANSFRAMING basic, with Domagoj Matijevic
- Ho'oponopono, with Mabel Katz
- Quantum Entrainment ( Basic and Advanced Level ) with dr. Frank Kinslow
- The BARS wih Vladica Đorđević
- and...

Longtime working on it, plenty of books read, all this previous training of a wide range
and diversity, helped her broad and deep understanding and knowledge of life and living.
Part of what has been learned, and confirmed its practice, wants to extend to you and meet you, and help facilitate help you with the burden of disease and pain that you pressed and troubled, and other problems...
Especially deep oriented and dedicated to children.

M. M. works only Tesla-healing at a distance !

and confirmed the successful execution of various healing remotely Tesla Metamorphosis:

- From children through adults, and the elderly
- Across different diagnosis : chronic to acute conditions
- By Croatia, Germany to Canada, Germany, Sweden....

I remind you again:

practitioners, including MM, the only people who are helping to power through them reaches the people who need healing, they are intermediaries for the transfer and orientation healing-energy.

Detailed information and more data can, for now, available at:

mob. 098 / 831 157 ( for Croatia )
Ova e-mail adresa je zaštićena od spam robota, nije vidljiva ako ste isključili JavaScript


We provide a kind of diary one Tesla Healing Metamorphosis. We remind you that only those practitioners that help to power through them reaches the people who need healing, and intermediaries for the transfer, and the direction of healing energy.


Good morning! I wanted to arrange for an appointment for my mother who is in hospital, and currently can not get anywhere.

Mom called.......... and is currently in the hospital for lung diseases. No diagnosis, but because there is a large shadow on the lungs and is constantly on oxygen and a drip.

I heard it with my mom yesterday after treatment and she said "it felt like a" twinge "below the rib cage (where it usually hurts) of the chest up during treatment, but there was no pain, and at the end of treatment she felt warmth and peace, so that could immediately fall asleep... At night, she was hot and sweating, but thinks that overweight dressed. Today it feels good.......

Here's the only answer, my mom looks better though still weak. Today they gave her less infusion.

Here's immediately what my mom wrote after tonight's treatment : " Like being wrapped in a blanket like a little baby. It was very warm and comfortable. Easily I coughed and coughed up. When it was almost as if I woke up refreshed and healthy and it was half 9th I had the oxygen that I did not even know. Kisses "

My mom today are diagnosed with lung cancer 4th degree that can not be operated on. We are all very sad.

Here's what my mom wrote : " Today I was in the middle of the waterfall or spring, and I kept listening to the sound of water and runoff. Kisses " Mom is doing well considering the diagnosis. Tomorrow we'll find out when we will go home because they were told today that there is no bass makes sense to be in the hospital.

Thank you very much for all the advice and emails and thank you for taking care of my mom. Mom is really positive and it is good considering the situation. Unfortunately, there are morning rounds to say the diagnosis and tomorrow will be her first chemotherapy already do ! Going home from the hospital on Monday.....

I forgot to confirm that the time made last Friday, meaning before beginning treatment.

Thank you very much for everything that you do, I think all mom helps. And the window of her room comes " Tesla " dove, really made me a chill when I read in your feedback.

My sis said she seems to have been my mother's eyes healthier, more to her eyeballs are gray rather than white. Yesterday was great laugh with my roommate with whom he shares a room. It is still quite weak and powerless, even in the last week gained 5 pounds (which is great because it is still a substantial amount ).

Yesterday the treatment felt great tranquilizers, and she said that the numbers were dancing around it. I surrounded the numbers you sent me, and she had learned by heart and repeated them.

Thank you so much for everything! Mom looked better today than in the last year, we were all happy and joking when we were with her. As if its energy is changed, and it seems to me that even stronger. Unfortunately, she told me that she could not soothe the 8 o'clock at night, because her bother people in the next room and had no peace. So you do not have good feedback with regard to treatment of yesteryear. But what I see, it 's a huge difference for the better.

This.... wrote my mom after treatment:

"She calmed down I was but I was not alone. Dots I collected from the lungs and led them out for a walk around the universe that does not return."

Such a statement I would never expecting from my mom, so I'm glad that you can not describe to you are doing what you are doing and what I see such positive results. My mom is changing on an emotional, spiritual, and I hope the physical level...

.... the crowds with my mom because she came from the hospital on Monday. It was on Monday was great, she could breathe normally, she had the strength to walk (so far the majority just lay)... and she said, "that the dots turned into a moth that are good.".... early this morning she went with my sister. I have not heard from her yet, but plan to go take a walk, which means that it is much better mom (she was not walking but good six months if not more).

Chemotherapy is super filed so far, is not it at all was sickening, only yesterday was aching back in the morning and not very good sleep last night (Monday and Tuesday).

We are all grateful to the treatments and hopefully true miracle, that mom heal.

26th 10.2011.
Just to answer the speed, super mom, she was my sister walk in the morning, and now a little more and go with me.

Today.... is even a coffee with almost the entire family. It's very cheerful and happy. It is still weak and needs her help in walking, but in person it looks 100 times better than a few weeks ago..... I wish you all the best and I send lots of love and happiness....



If you see yourself on the internet, you will discover that many people in the world back to Nikola Tesla and what worked back in the nineteenth century, Tesla-coil and other inventions, to use them in treatment, and energy medicine. Tesla said:

"I will now no longer work for the present, now working for the future."

There was a time, during which Tesla worked! Many studies have focused on designing instruments that can be set to frequencies that can trigger frequency in the human body and thus enable him to heal. Tesla was a visionary. He said:

"We went in a boundless space inconceivable speed, all around us is turning, everything moves, everything is energy. Must be some direct way to use that energy."

Tesla has achieved in his life, but he decided not to publish because the people of that time were not ready for it. It seems that now, with the Tesla Metamorphosis can be directly plugged into the life of healing frequencies and to use them directly from nature.

The Tesla Metamorphosis use Tesla waves by scientists belong to the non - hercian waves, unlike hercian waves. They do not use any machines, energy is used directly from the active ether, just as it is Nikola Tesla claimed.

Recordings made by Prof Dr. Ljubo Ristovski from the Institute for bioenergy recording, using the PIP camera ( designed by Dr. Henry Oldfield London ) clearly show that the frequency of the energy used in Tesla Metamorphosis coincide with the frequencies of Tesla waves.

Dr.prof. Ristovski argues that no other method of treatment and no purple and green colors that are characteristic of the Tesla waves that occur in Tesla Metamorphosis health, or at Tesla - healing or healing Tesla waves.

Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize :

"Cancer cells have a 15 millivolt, old cells are about 50 millivolt and normal cells are about 100 millivolt. Tesla coil is a molecular amplifier. Every cell in the body has a small battery inside. When the battery is discharged, due to stress, injury or illness, will have problems with electricity. Tesla coil charging the battery again. This device again increases the voltage in these cells by chemical and enzymatic process can work undisturbed.

He explains that every cell is like a small battery that Tesla coil acts as a molecular amplifier. In this case, the PIP - camera footage showed that the frequency of energy that occur in the field during the session Tesla Metamorphosis same as FREQUENCY Tesla waves emitted by Tesla - amplifier with an additional coil. This leads us to the conclusion that practitioners Tesla Metamorphosis in treatment act as Tesla - amplifier with an additional coil.

Tesla - healing frequencies of energy, light and information, promote the evolution of consciousness, evolution on all levels : physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The evolution of human consciousness is of crucial importance and is an important prerequisite for a successful passage through all the changes that are coming.


Of the multitude of extensive material, here are just a few isolated dash of Nikola Tesla:

"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all previous centuries of its existence."

Nikola Tesla

Tesla was a wise man who was able to unite science and metaphysics.
He had a supernatural sensory experiences and trying to explain to mankind
that there are different forms of the same energy that we have at our disposal.
The only thing we need to find how to get them connected, and that doing so 
does not disturb the laws of nature. That's why they opposed the use of nuclear 
energy. Tesla held that any breach law of cosmic space, or magnetic field of 
the Earth -violation of the harmony of nature heritage. In addition, he was 
considered that the lack of ethics in science has resulted in a negative impact
the free will of the people, therefore it is considered destructive. According to 
Tesla, free will can be creative only with kindness, which implies a clear 
understanding of and consciously choosing what is benevolent. He believed 
that the human species that lives on The country must begin with an 
understanding of all forms of natural alignment  with the planet - or will lose it.


Although not leave his theory of physics, Tesla his numerous experiments laid the basis for the new, resonant electromagnetism. He believed that the world is a unique continuous light medium, and that the matter is complex electromagnetic oscillations organized by a mathematical algorithm. He believed that the law of resonance is the most general natural law that eliminates time and distance and that all connections between phenomena are established solely various kinds of simple and complex resonance ( vibration physical system ) which is the basis of purely electromagnetic

" We do not have to transmit energy. Once, after many generations, our machines will run the energy that is in every point of the universe... everywhere in the area of energy... " ( " My Inventions : the autobiography of Nikola Tesla " )

Even what we call inorganic matter, which is believed to be dead, responds to stimuli and gives unmistakable evidence that owns life principles.... The energy that drives the universe manage life. In other words, everything that exists, organic or inorganic, whether moving or inert, subject to stimuli from the environment. There is no crack, no break in the continuity, there is no special or certain vital substances. ( Nikola Tesla : " As cosmic forces that create our destiny " )

"Where does all the power of motivation and where is the source that everything runs? See how the ocean rises and falls, as the rivers flow, wind, rain, hail and snow hitting our windows, trains and steamers come and go, we hear the clattering carriages, the voices from the street, and we feel the smell and taste, and think about all this. And all this movement, the mighty roar of the ocean to the subtle movement of our thoughts, all have one common cause. all that energy comes from a single center, single source - from sun. sun is the driver of everything. Sun maintains all human life, and supplies all human energy. " (Nikola Tesla, "The problem of increasing human energy: with special emphasis on the use of solar energy")

And now another interesting true story related to Nikola Tesla:


No matter how poorly interested in the people who are in the course of his life caused a lot of "cosmic pain," as Tesla called his feeling other people's outrageous actions and intentions, so to deal with unusual care pigeons, worrying about their diet and disease. About one white dove and Tesla's intimate relationship with him talking about Tesla's friend John O'Neill and William Lawrence, scientific reporter for The New York Times. They have recorded unusual Tesla confession while all three were sitting in the lobby of New Yorker. John O'Neill, a member of many occult societies, he noticed some mystical symbols in spots Tesla white dove. Tesla them then confessed something to Lawrence and others would later call "the only love story from his life."

" I fed the pigeons, thousands of them, many years," he said, " Thousands of them, because who would have them all memorized. However, there was a pigeon, a beautiful bird, entirely white with light spots on the wings, he was something else. It was a female. I could recognize anywhere. And she could not find me in any place. I only think about her, call her and she would have flown. I understood her and she understood me. I loved that bird. Yes, I loved that dove as a man loves a woman, and she loved me. When she was sick, I felt it, they would come to my room and I'd watched over it for days. I nurtured it until it healed. The dove was the joy of my life. If I needed her, nothing else mattered. While I had her, I had my life goal. Then, one night as I lay in the dark on the bed and as usual solved some problems, flew through the open window and landed on my desk. I knew I needed her, she wanted me to convey something important so I got up and walked over to her. I looked at her and knew that she wanted me to say - that she would die. And then, when I realized it, I saw how light shines from her eyes - powerful beam of light. "

Tesla paused, and then, as if he expected the issue, he continued:

"Yeah, it was real light, strong, bright, blinding light, stronger than the strongest light lamps in my laboratory. When the dove died, something was missing from my life. By then I was quite sure that I will finish all your ideas. Although I had an ambitious program, but when the dove disappeared, I knew that my life's work is complete. Yes, for years I fed the pigeons, and continue to feed them, thousands of them, because ultimately, who knows... "

(J. O'Neill, Prodigal Geniouspp.309-10)